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Though still okay.
I did not get to design and make the whole top, which might be linke to the fact that we also went to the market for groceries (exciting, I know...), tried to choose a new ceiling light for the livng room (and failed, everything was sort of "meh", too big, too expensive, and using wierd inefficient bulbs. I want LIGHT dammit, not dimmed unicorn hair !). Then we also wanted to choose new tiles for the kitchen, and failed even more. Because gray, or concrete-gray, or fake-wood-gray, or dark-gray, or more... gray. Yes... NO. Gray countertops AND gray floor ? No, just no.
And Sunday we played board games with the neighbors for most of the afternoon.

But I still got to make a trial version of the top - in printed cotton satin, for me to wear in the spring and summer. It gave me some trouble, because the 1920s daft I started with was HUGE. I had already taken it in something like 4 or 5 inches in those pictures, and ended up taking it in even more.
IMG_20160221_125113 IMG_20160221_125209

I haven't completely finished it yet. It needs hems, buttons and an elastic at the (dropped) waist. I did however use it to plot the pattern for the bridal top, and cut out all the pieces. Except it still seems too big - oh well, that should be an easy fix.

I have given myself a break of the 365-drawign challenge. I have foudn mysel fin a crative rut more often than not lately, and I want to spend my kid-free time concentrated in the workshop. And I need to go swmiing again. I did 40 laps on Friday and it killed me. I have to get back in shape a bit, or hkking will be a pain come spring.

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And there were a few nights with only 4 or 5 hours the week before. Please dear brain, I'd really love for you to shut down some during nighttime, thanks.

Not much sewing over the week-end. On saturday we paved the area under the clothesline that turned to dirt every summer. Yesterday was the first meeting for the runway show I'm planning with two colleagues next May. I'm starting to get a grasp of the workload ahead and... well, it's a lot. Five big wedding dreses, two children's outfits. Plus coordinating, models (mostly done), photographers (mostly done too, jsut a few places to ask and clarify), MUAs and hairdressers, among other things.

I tried to go to sleep after that, but my head wa sprobably much too excited so I spent most of the night working on my website. I wanted to launch the new version in early septembre, I think it's going to take just a little longer, but it's still comign along rather nicely. The About page is done, the landing page almost done, the sidebar too. Next up is a better portfolio.


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