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- I posted pictures and blogged about Toad's dress, here. I have to take pictures of the dress in action. for now I only have a quick one from my mobile :
She likes weird poses ^^

- I apparently fell harder than I thought at the ice rink last week, but in the end the x-ray shows no crack. Which is good, but I still was somewhat crippled for most of the week. The Home Geek took the kids there today, but without me.

- I finally caught up on the recipe I wanted to try out for January's Meats and Potatoes Challenge form the HFF. And it is delicious. I need to photograph and post it.

- Ursula's corset has the inner and outer layers assembled. I just ordered a black busk, lacing and lacing tips. I is nicely waiting on the dummy for now, the satin looks really yummy. I will probably make myself another corset out of the remnant, bwahahah !

- Speaking of which, I have booked a place at a corsetry course for July. I am super-excited ! We're also starting to look at our vacation plans and they are going to be really really cool. Lots of time by the sea with the kids, lots of time with friends. And then we're seeing into dropping them at the grandparents' for two weeks or more.

- Right now, the thing on the worktable is Lady T's petticoat. Lots of bouffant synthetic horsehair !

- otal side note : my old sneakers gave up the soul this week -well... they still work, but only in dry weather, due to holes in the sole). So I treated myself to new ones, from the same brand. Eco-conscious, bio, sneakers that last ten years. Yes please. They are fabulous and I wear them aroudn the house for now, just because I love them. The laces are not turquoise like in the picture, though, just electric blue.


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