Feb. 24th, 2016 11:33 pm

Slow days

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As predicted, I didn't get much done yesterday - between swimming in the morning and cooking in the afternoon, the day just disappeared I don't know where. There were lots of hems you can't make out in pictures, some seam finishing (but not much), and little leaves and more little leaves. And a belt.

IMG_20160224_153701 IMG_20160224_192322

Today was the day for more small leaves to make the let flower. The top is not in the realm of "all the small things I need to do but it's mostly wearable anyway so where the hell did my motivation go ?" now. Which is good (progress !) but also bad (where is my motivation ?). I'm pushing myself to really finish it and blog about it this week. Or at least try.
Then I got my son back from his grandma. He's been very quiet all afternoon. Not yet reading cover to cover, but lost in books all the same.

IMG_20160224_165235 IMG_20160223_164211

Bonus picture of the cinnamon rolls I did yesterday. I also made a big batch of individual ones that are now in the freezer and will be served as breakfast over the week.

Oct. 6th, 2015 10:10 pm


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Yay, printmaking workshop is ON again ! Of course, as usual, I'll miss the secodn session because the workshop is open on the first week of autumn vacation, and we are on... duh... a vacation at that time. And it's closed when we are home for the second week of vacations.
Anyway... I'm ridiculously excited about it ! The group is awesome - face sI know from last year or earlier, some that I co-exhibited with last month. Some new faces, too, but everyone has a solid notion of what they're doing and how they should do it. Thank Cat for people who know in which order to put things on the press bed ! The them for the workshop this year is "clothe the body"... I was good and did not giddily jump around (too much), and I finished the plates I have started before starting on that. Everyone else is raher "meh" about it, though.

Speaking of the other students, I'm no longer the youngest in the group (just the second youngest).Mostly, I'm surrounded by people over 60. I find it rather amusing that despite this, this place feels to me like a blissful haven - I can actually interact with people without having to sorta translate a foreing language. So relaxing !

I got a decnet bit of sewing done this morning. I have a display wedding dress almost ready to show for this week-end's booth. It just needs eyelets (that will take me like half an hour tomorrow morning) and a flower on the shoulder. And if I can a lining, but it will be on a dummy, so the lining is optional.


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