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Ok, I think I'm done with the phone and emails for the moring...

Checked some details for the latest commissions by email.
Contacted models for the runway project.
Organized one hair-dresser, possibly another make-up artist.
Invited them to next week's prep reunion.
Organized my participation in a group exhibition in two weeks.
Finished the blog posts about my 1780s stays. I still have a bunch of pictures to edit but I have enough to make the post.

Shooting corset rococo Corset années 1780 en brocard

Blog post to be found here.

On the sewing side, the corset cover is done and awaiting the right ribbon.
With some help from the Home Geek I tamed the zippers for the hiking coat, and I'm now back to sewing them in place. Still scared of zippers, but at least now the sliders can't zip off on their own anymore.

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The post on my little girl's 1780's working-class outfit is done and up - I even added the pictures I had forgotten, like the scan from What Clothes reveal that I used as an inspiration for her dress. As with before, text in French but lots and lots of pictures (and a translation button at the bottom of the sidebar).

Little girl's French Revolution outfit

I haven't included these pictures in the post, but I just adore them. [ profile] heileen and Nazgulette looking at ducklings <3

IMG_5603 IMG_5608

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I just finished the blog entrey on my son's 1780's outfit

Post in French, but lots of pictures.
My DSLR was a pain this morning and the flat pictures of the costumes are rather meh, but they are done at least. Still have to write the newsletter and finish the post on my daughter's outfit and accessories.


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