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Posting from DW for now, since I don't want to lose touch with anyone, I guess I'll just go back and forth between the two sites and crosspost from here.

Once upon a time I thought last week "Oh, I'll get some down time once the big wedding gown is out of the workshop" Hahah WRONG ! First, let's place two days of intensive draping, patterning and sewing with Lady Darkstone at the start of the week. So this happened :

EnregistrerI have to tweak the hem of one of the skirt layers in the back, add a zipper to the bodice's CB, and finish the neckline and armscyes with piping. The original plan included flutter sleeves but I'm not convinced they are really needed now. All fabrics came from stash !
We also patterned "Furisode", the Japan-themed dress - which will feature the blurry patterned fabroc on the right of the picture. It was amazign to have Lady Darkstone with me to chat, sew and drink tea. Sometimes working from home alone can be a little solitary.

Also, yes, this is my workshop/living-room; and yess, I have rolls of fabric waiting to be used there. And I have two ladies coming for variosu projects this week. I might need to tidy up a little tomorrow, right now the room is a war zone.

In non-sewing news I have baby tomato plants growing on my desk now, and the zucchinis and pumpkins are still on the balcony. I wanted to put them in the ground this week-end, but visitors left no time for gardening. If I went by the book I would'nt put them outside before next month, but we have had pretty steady temps for a while now, reaching 27°C yesterday.

We have started practising for the end of year show at ballet, so the lessons are a little less extreme for me and much more fun. And I managed to squeeze some time to pattern and grade the costumes for my daughter's group between two fittings today. Another Mom is supposed to have access to a larger format copier and make copies for everyone, while I make the tutorial.

HJ :
4-7. A quiet day after the mad rush to finish the wedding gown. I finished flossing Murielle's corset, and started working on Titania's underdress.
4-8. Our dance teacher finally settled on a fabric for the kids' costume, yay !
4-9. First picninc in the moutains of the year ! We went to a beautiful pass where there is a bog and a trail that goes right through it, with regular stops to show the specificities of the place. We walked a little, showed the kids around and just sat in the sun while they played - not in the actual bog, obviously.
4-10. Working side by side with my best friend while drinking tea and being silly about politics. I dug out an old campaign song from 1981 :p Also, my tooth infection almost disappeared within minutes after the dentist saw it. Before I even bought the bow of antibiotics.
4-11. Good workou day - I have been a little lazy with yoga as I was a little pressed for time and tired or sick, and it felt good to really get back into my groove today. And the day ended with a cool ballet lesson. I feel a little bit sore but very happy.

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After a second mock-up, I decided the fit of the corset was good enough and I just went for the real fabric,  a "dot" coutil with tiny black polka dots on a dusty rose ground. I am experimenting with single layer construction, placing the (contrasting) boning channel on the outside on top of the seams. It is looking good so far.
20161007_112709 20161008_153119 20161008_182302 20161010_221733
The only hissue was my iron deciding to start spitting out brown gunk, twice on the corset, once on the cotton organdi I need to iron to make Chardon's petticoats. I tried giving it a good cleaning but it doesn't seem to be enough, and, well, it's kind of old. I can't recall very precisely, but somewhere around 7 years is not too bad for an iron I use daily, one that has made quite a few jumps from the ironing table to the floor. The plate is dented and a little bent, the plastic looks half-burnt in some places... I am probably updating to a steam plant this time, and one with a scale deposit control thingie.

I'd probably have bought it yesterday if I hadn't had a sick Heimlich with me. First cold of the season, and as usual it turned into a full blown asthma attack. Off to the doc now, as it's no much better today.

Second rehearsal for the 2017 show was on Sunday, and we all stumbled through the Feurfest polka. It can only get btter, right ?

Aug. 29th, 2016 02:54 pm


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Feeling super-tired today, thanks to my period, helping with the move, reunions to plan the next runway show. As the day goes on it seems les and less likely I will leave the house today, although it would be nice if I got Toad's dance lessons sorted out - oh wait ! I just checked and they're only open after 5:30 today anyway. I'll just make a detour after picking up the kids.

Ursula's sequins are almost all on. I'm crossing fingers we manage to squeeze a shooting somewhere in September. Everyone has conflicting schedules, I have a possible whole week-end booked for another shoot project, and the first week-end of october is the bridal fair. I haven't even looked at hair and make-up yet...

The first meeting for the runway show was... interesting. We had a big round of people suddenly not feelign interested/committed anymore in just a few days - several of them starting by skipping the meeting, THEN telling they changed their mind and wouldn't partipate this year... We rearranged things around the new line-up, and it seems I still have quite a LOT to do. Like, 6 new dresses (I think ?), plus some menswear. perceneige wa splanned to get another outing then, but the model dropped out, and the replacements are more standard sizes.

I'm a little grumpy from tiredness, so I am fighting this by bidding on a bold of yukata fabric. It is pretty, it is purple, and it has butterflies on it !


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