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Not having the Home geek around is obviously not good for me. It seems my motivation flew away in his suitcase

I did get some progress on the Madras dress - only for two days I was un picking every stitch I made because I kept making mistakes, or not thinking through how I would assemble the whole thing. Today was better - rather weirdly as I had the kids around and it's usually hard to concentrate with them in the house. Everything on the main dress is done except for hand sewing a lot of little things. The detachable overskirt is assembled and needs a waistband. I think I have - theoretically - solved the problem of attaching it to the main dress.

The Chardon gown is now on the backburner - the silk organza I got from PureSilks was totally NOT the swatch they sent me. By some sheer luck I had also ordered another fabric that ended up being said swatch. It took abotu two days for them to accept that I send the fabric back (at my own expense), and they should send me the other fabric instead. and refund me the difference. Fingers crossed for that.
Needless to say, they have been moved to the "oy, beware !" side of my providers. Okay if I'm not in a hurry, and have some flexibility as to what I really want only. *sigh*

Today was a bit better, energy-wise. I suspect yesterday's ballet lesson helped - it was still intense, but a bit better than last week. After physical therapy this morning I dragged myself to the market - good food always puts me back in a good mood. I only really needed parmesan, and a few ready-to-reheat meals. We had tourtons (fried pasties with potato-based filling) for lunch, and tomorrow evening, since we will be coming home late form Heimlich's physical therapy, we'll have pumpkin filled fresh italian pasta. While I was there I grabbed some veggies - mainly because they come from a local producer and are generally tastier than what we can find at the Saturday market - the tomatoes are fantastic, and since the HG isn't home they're just for ME ! Fresh tomatoes with a few leaves of lettuce and a dash of olive oil, walnut oil and balsamic vinager, mmmhhh....

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I did some comfort shopping today (to console me from the fact that I am a single parent for the next two weeks, woe is me) - I went to just get a pair of black leggings (badly needed since my ballet stuff didn't come in time, grumble), and well... that escalated quickly. Three pair of skinny jeans, a Wonder Woman t-shirt (I can never resist geeky stuff) and... a pair of brown corduroy bellbottoms ? Not very wide, but with just enough flare to look almost exactly like some I had almost twenty years ago (and regretted ever since I wore them to death). I was tempted to buy two pairs, just to get me through until they come back in fashion yet another time...

Ballet wiped me out. It was... intense. Wow. The course is a bit crowded - for now. It was the trial course, so I'm not sure everyone will register for the year.

I did some work on Madras - fighting the printed cotton lining mostly, and piecing the hell out of it to get enough fabric for the skirt. And then I spent something like two hours ordering new  big format prints of some pictures for the bridal fair. That was beyond frustrasting, but it is done, and they should be here in time, yay !

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I had an epiphany regarding the Madras" skirt. It was getting too pale, so I just added one layer of bright red and another of hot pink tulle underneath the last 5 layers of white tulle - and now it's just perfect. I sewed everything together and made a mock-up of the bodice.

There really wasn't any time to do more, not two doctor's appointements today. She's never perfectly on time, and I waited about 20 minutes this morning, but she was really late this afternoon witht he kids. So after that, we just went home, ate pizza (yay for leftovers), and the kids went bed.
After dinner I started on a skirt to go with my black coutil corset. I have done the bulk of it, it just needs a waistband, zipper, and hem. And it has pockets, yay ! I love pockets, I just tend to forget them every time I sew a skirt for myself.

I also prewashed the cotton voile for Chardon's petticoat - I hung it on the clothesline just before dinner, and it was dry about two hours later, when I heard a storm coming. Sadly, it was just a bit of lighting and some thunder, not a drop of rain.

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My Mom went into the hospital today, my dear friend gets her MRI, so today is the day we shoudl find out  a little more about both of them. Fingers crossed and all that. Thank you for your kind words and prayers.

Not much sewing happened this week-end. I had a fitting appointements, which went extremely well - except the jacket mock-up being off, for an unknown reason the bust ended up waaaaay too high there. Next time a mock-up seems off, redo it, I'm probably right.
Dealing with *people* then wiped me out for the evening, I fell asleep on the couch while the HG was out to get pizzas.

We did a good deal of gardening, too. Since it's still hot and summery, we decided we'd try for some radishes. We planted a good half of the flower bulbs. We'd like to plant the rest on the other side of the house to make the entrance more... civilized ?
The HG put up the net under the hazel tree, and we picked a basket of hazelnuts from the ground. I'm not really lookign forward to cracking them all open and roasting them and removing the outer skin, but it will be worht it in the end. Homemade nutella, plus, those hazelnuts taste about 300% better than the store-bought ones.

I have cut almost 25 layers of tulle for the Madras dress... and I'm not entirely sold on the result. The skirt itself is cute and airy, I'm just not sure how to tie it with the white sergine and the orange madras print I have planned to use...
I am probably going to banish it to the naughty corner and work on Chardon today, since I got the fabric for the petticoat in the mail. Because  I thought I had lots of white fabric, but I did not have enough for a large crinoline petticoat, at least not in something that did not weigh the same as a dead donkey. Going to make said petticoat adjustable - since I'm making this, I can at least make sure I can wear it if I somehow get in the mood for a crinoline dress.


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