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Weekly log

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I *really* want to go back to daily logging, or at least more regular one... *kicks herself in the butt*
Still feeling a bit raw, but HEY ! I am typing ! Working on writing on a Monday morning ! And I did my accounting and taxes that were late ! It must be getting better, right ?

I got the pictures form the last two photoshoots and they are gorgeous. Seriously.
Robe de bal 1895 Robe "Ursula"
(click for more and bigger images)
I am repaying Diane (who shot Murielle in the Ursula dress, second picture) with a muff-handbag. Which was close to done until I realized I had forgotten to add the strap in the appropriate place. Uh oh... don't I love unpicking ?

I have a lot of overdue stuff to work ont he computer this week, but part of me is just dying to sew something for fun - I hope Diane's bag will somewhat fulfill the urge. I'd really want to get the 1895's blouse done, it's been lingering on the corner of shame since Halloween.

Aug. 29th, 2016 02:54 pm


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Feeling super-tired today, thanks to my period, helping with the move, reunions to plan the next runway show. As the day goes on it seems les and less likely I will leave the house today, although it would be nice if I got Toad's dance lessons sorted out - oh wait ! I just checked and they're only open after 5:30 today anyway. I'll just make a detour after picking up the kids.

Ursula's sequins are almost all on. I'm crossing fingers we manage to squeeze a shooting somewhere in September. Everyone has conflicting schedules, I have a possible whole week-end booked for another shoot project, and the first week-end of october is the bridal fair. I haven't even looked at hair and make-up yet...

The first meeting for the runway show was... interesting. We had a big round of people suddenly not feelign interested/committed anymore in just a few days - several of them starting by skipping the meeting, THEN telling they changed their mind and wouldn't partipate this year... We rearranged things around the new line-up, and it seems I still have quite a LOT to do. Like, 6 new dresses (I think ?), plus some menswear. perceneige wa splanned to get another outing then, but the model dropped out, and the replacements are more standard sizes.

I'm a little grumpy from tiredness, so I am fighting this by bidding on a bold of yukata fabric. It is pretty, it is purple, and it has butterflies on it !

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IMG_1255I'm getting closer with the sequins on Ursula. One half is "good enough" done - I could add more, and will try to do so, but it looks okay for now. The other side has one really small tentacle left, the tip of another, and some places where I want to add sequins on the corset itself. I should be seeing the photographer and the model on Sunday, and with some luck we'll decide on a date for a photoshoot while we're all in the same room.

The Gold waistcoat is done except for buttons and buttonholes. Bright me figured I'd better try it on Lord Darkstone to check the fit before actually cutting the buttonholes. You know, just in case it doesn't fit exactly as I had planned.

As for now, I'm off to help with the Darkstone's move. Time just flies by with two kids home... I am getting impatient for the school to start again so that I can have the house to myself again, just for the silence and the chance to not be inerrupted by one of their quarrels. They're adorable but thie Mama needs alone, down-time to work efficiently.

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Ursula's skirt is done. Her corset is not, although the busk is half-way in.

I am starting to think about what cotuming project sI have after the fashion show. Because once the show is over, I won't havea lot of time and I'd need to source materials quickly.
First there's a bathing costumes. Probably mostly 1890s. I want something of the dress type for Toad and me, so that we can wear them as actual dresses, too. We're going to have suitcases to carry and do a long tour this summer, so having things do double duty is a must. I am thinking about skipping the corset, partly to sme luggage space and weight, partly out of laziness. I am leaning towards cotton, fabric-wise. It's cheaper, it makes more sens for a sundress, and most wools I can find are itchy on my skin.
After that there's the hiking project. For which I have no idea. At. All. Except that I want to make it.

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Not actually that much happened today in the workroom.

I spent a good part of the morning just hemming Ursula's skirt. Nine meters of it. In a nice invisible (machine) stitch, with lots of ironing between each step.

I patterned the skirt flounces, and proceeded to make and place one. It took longer than you'd think. The fabric is a slippery bast**d and has its own direction in life. Now try to cut a spiral out of it with perfect edges.
It does look like what I had in mind when I designed the dress, and seems to move the same, though. This makes me happy.

I did just a tiny bit of work on the corset before I had to pick the kids up. More of that - and of the slippery voile - tomorrow.

In the non-sewing realm, I am trying to keep my weekly swimming commitment, and went up to 45 laps. I would love to go back to the 2km I used to swim in a single session when I was younger.

I managed to make my "roast" for this fortnight's HFF Challenge just today, except for the sauce and the pictures. It does smell really good. I had to stop the Home Geek from eating it today before it was fully cooked, that's a good sign.

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- I posted pictures and blogged about Toad's dress, here. I have to take pictures of the dress in action. for now I only have a quick one from my mobile :
She likes weird poses ^^

- I apparently fell harder than I thought at the ice rink last week, but in the end the x-ray shows no crack. Which is good, but I still was somewhat crippled for most of the week. The Home Geek took the kids there today, but without me.

- I finally caught up on the recipe I wanted to try out for January's Meats and Potatoes Challenge form the HFF. And it is delicious. I need to photograph and post it.

- Ursula's corset has the inner and outer layers assembled. I just ordered a black busk, lacing and lacing tips. I is nicely waiting on the dummy for now, the satin looks really yummy. I will probably make myself another corset out of the remnant, bwahahah !

- Speaking of which, I have booked a place at a corsetry course for July. I am super-excited ! We're also starting to look at our vacation plans and they are going to be really really cool. Lots of time by the sea with the kids, lots of time with friends. And then we're seeing into dropping them at the grandparents' for two weeks or more.

- Right now, the thing on the worktable is Lady T's petticoat. Lots of bouffant synthetic horsehair !

- otal side note : my old sneakers gave up the soul this week -well... they still work, but only in dry weather, due to holes in the sole). So I treated myself to new ones, from the same brand. Eco-conscious, bio, sneakers that last ten years. Yes please. They are fabulous and I wear them aroudn the house for now, just because I love them. The laces are not turquoise like in the picture, though, just electric blue.


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