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Les Dernières Modes de Paris Les Dernières Modes de Paris Les Dernières Modes de Paris Mai 1922 (?) Mai 1922 (?) Mai 1922 (?) Mai 1922 (?) Mai 1922 (?)
I just finished scanning all the fashion plates I bought during our vacation. That just leaves me with all the bound magazines and a huge pile of hat plates Lady Darkstone dumped on my lap before summer. I'm not even attempting to put them on the website. That's what FlickR is for, right ?
They were marked 1922 by the selles, it doesn't seem too far off... but other plates had a wrong date, so proceed with caution.
Now I want to sew little girl's 1920s dresses

The Gold waistcoat  : I'm finishing handsewing the collar, then I need to bind the armholes, find buttons, make buttonholes.
I started draping another wedding gown, one for my portfolio and for september's bridal fair - I needed to get a rough idea of how I wanted it to calculate yardage and order fabric. That is going to be a LOT of silk organza. And a lot of tulle.

I did some tidying up in the workshop - a giant crinoline of doom suddenly makes you realize you have too much clutter in your workspace ! I made a huge bag of scraps to give away to Toad's preschool, a small pile of shiny/silky/taffetas-ey fabrics I might use for bowties and the like, and a small bag of printed cotton scraps I want to use to make an 18th century "patchwork" pocket. Not all prints are period correct, there will probably be one period pocket and a "sentimental" one in whacky fabrics, like the scraps from the pink Eiffel tower skirt I am wearing today. Which remidns me I shoul trace the pattern of this skirt, because it is awesome and I need to remake it.


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