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Not really much sewing happened today - I worked a little ont he 1890's walking skirt. It now has piping at the hem and a partly attached large stirp of organdi at the bottom. when the strip is done I still have the waistband to finish, and I need to add something to support th epocket. and hope for the best as the skirt is insanely pieced.

I really really did not want to stay home this afternoon, so we tried out a museum I didn't know yet with the kids. Local history thing, not very big and a bit jumbled together. Half a room in bronze age, the next half room in iron age, then gallo-romans, then renaissance... On top of first Crhtistians stuff. Mostly I pointed out objects they might not know, oil lamps, coins, silex knives, and tried to give them big outlines. The museum advertised as including some kids' activities... couldn't find them, and the general language was geared more towards adults. they had pretty fabulous small scale models of prehistoric shelters and houses, so that was a clear winner.
The kids were pretty wiped after that, so we crashed at a nearby bakery and I let them have two pastries ech. Nazgulette ate one and a half, and the big roll ate his + what her sister left of her strawberry tart. I have *no idea* where he puts all of this. I was afraid they would'nt eat anything for dinner but they cleared their plate ( I guess making cauliflower pancakes helped).

I haven't been very good at posting my daily pictures, or at takign them. I'm trying to get into it again. Not really easy this week. Although I am very proud of the pictures I took of the kids today, because for the first time ever I shot in manual, and the result was reasonably good ! Woohoo ! Not going to abandon auto-focus anytime soon, though, I just can't see if the picture is blurry before it's on my computer screen with my eyes :(.
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And so, by chance, I discovered that the current state of the website remodel doesn't allow me to easily link to a picture hosted on my own website.
Option one was find another plug-in and a way to go around the limitations of the current template. Estimated time to understand and fiw the issue : two weeks. Option two : just move everything I can to FlickR.
Guess where my fashion plates will reside in the future ?...  Sometimes, it's just not worth my time when I have a simpler option.

One hiking coat is done-ish. It should have been delivered yesteday but the train didn't cooperate, so I still have the coat and E. is hiking in the woods with her old one. Which means I have time to fiw the small things I couldn't do before, like ordering the right cordstops and adding grosgrain loops at the hem.

The corset cover is also done, I'll try to take pictures on Monday.

I have started takign apart my old black skirt to upgrade it into a better mid-1890s piece. It was a quick and dirty job and served me well, but I can do better now. Plus, it's too small in the waist now..The plan is to take it apart entirely, see if I can piece some fullness to the back from the fabric I have, and add gores of black velvet between panels. I have a few reference images of that, and it seems like a period-correct approach to altering a garment. It uses up fabric from the stash ; and they *loved* using velvet as a trim.


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