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Time is getting tight for the FR contest entry. I am drowning in a sea of tulle and hav elittle time to catch up. The corset is... sorta okay. There are issues, mostly camouflaged by surface treatment I added. It isn't as perfect as I would hav eliked, but since I didn't have time for a mock-up, I guess it's okay. I will make a mock-up and overbust version at some point, though, because Lady Darkstone's figure is just too damn interesting to use as practive. I made a really nice modesty panel, tough.
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I have a crinoline (hacked from Ikea - the bumpad is nolonger needed actually), but I am starting to doubt I will use it, the tulle is already super-froofy. The chemise-thingie is mostly done - I need to bind the armholes and add trim. Hem is considered to be optional if I want to get the photoshoot done on Saturday.
I have the underlayer and yoke for the tutu. Many, many more layers to cut and gather. And trim.

Happies from the past few days :
1-24 - it's more of a gratitude thing than a happy moment, but I'm really happy with my body. The yoga + ballet combination, + doing some sporty stuff with the family seems to have some effect, I am feeling in better shape, and finding some ease I had as a child while dancing. I still get the occasional aches in the joint,s but my back has calmed down a lot from where it was a few months back, and I feel fitter.
1-25 - the kids had a long debate at lunch about the shape of letters in cursive. It just made me so happy that they have each other, and are not so far apart in age so that they can discover things together. Then the HG went home and announced he managed to get a little something from our insurance. It's about 5% of the actual value that was stolen from our home I think, but only half of what the "expert" evaluated. Still better than nothing.
1-26 - we haven't had confirmation from the insurance yet, but the estimate we got for the car is actually higher than I thought it would be.

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I did some comfort shopping today (to console me from the fact that I am a single parent for the next two weeks, woe is me) - I went to just get a pair of black leggings (badly needed since my ballet stuff didn't come in time, grumble), and well... that escalated quickly. Three pair of skinny jeans, a Wonder Woman t-shirt (I can never resist geeky stuff) and... a pair of brown corduroy bellbottoms ? Not very wide, but with just enough flare to look almost exactly like some I had almost twenty years ago (and regretted ever since I wore them to death). I was tempted to buy two pairs, just to get me through until they come back in fashion yet another time...

Ballet wiped me out. It was... intense. Wow. The course is a bit crowded - for now. It was the trial course, so I'm not sure everyone will register for the year.

I did some work on Madras - fighting the printed cotton lining mostly, and piecing the hell out of it to get enough fabric for the skirt. And then I spent something like two hours ordering new  big format prints of some pictures for the bridal fair. That was beyond frustrasting, but it is done, and they should be here in time, yay !

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I finished the corset (except maybe for a hook and eye at the top CF - and the modesty panel which I don't feel motivated to make right now :p )
This is the best I could do with self timer today - I couldn't be bothered to dig ou the tripod and make a better photoshoot. I will try to make something with the Home geek, maybe tonight.

Now of course I want to make another one. Or two or three. Test out the patterning method, see how it works with historical shapes... I am very tempted to enter FR's 2017 competition. I love the idea of a ballet-inspired outfit with a pretty corset. I could use Lady Darkstone as a guinea pig for corset making AND make a photoshoot with her, since she has some ballet experience. Now of course I am tempted to make something dark and gothy,with black and deep fuschia. But the practical pro in me says a lighter shade would work better in my portfolio - maybe a peach/nude ?
Of course, it might just be a crazy idea and not doable with my schedule. But still... I want to make mor epretty corsets !


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