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I managed to blog my 1895 bathing suit. totally weather- and season-appropriate, of course. and I noticed after uploading the post I have forgotten (and likely lost) the black bow that's supposed to go at the neck. Oops.
Costume de bain 1895
Anyway, the post is up there, with more pictures, and the Flickr album is here.

That took most of my morning, but I managed to make a good dent in my to-do list. I did not venture into the workshop today, though, which is always a bit frustrating. Maybe I'll get around to play a bit with fabric this week-end...
As of now, my 1895 blouse like this - no closures yet except for the hooks and eyes that keep the lining shut, no sleeves,, and still missing the piece that craps around the lower back and probably something to spice up the collar. But all edges on the body of the blouse are finished in neat, invisible handstitches.

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Ursula's skirt is done. Her corset is not, although the busk is half-way in.

I am starting to think about what cotuming project sI have after the fashion show. Because once the show is over, I won't havea lot of time and I'd need to source materials quickly.
First there's a bathing costumes. Probably mostly 1890s. I want something of the dress type for Toad and me, so that we can wear them as actual dresses, too. We're going to have suitcases to carry and do a long tour this summer, so having things do double duty is a must. I am thinking about skipping the corset, partly to sme luggage space and weight, partly out of laziness. I am leaning towards cotton, fabric-wise. It's cheaper, it makes more sens for a sundress, and most wools I can find are itchy on my skin.
After that there's the hiking project. For which I have no idea. At. All. Except that I want to make it.


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