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This morning brought to me by a mysterious case of shoulders-knotting-themselves-together. I can barely move so I got stuck on the computer and didn't even bother with breakfast until just before noon. But I did make good progress on the website. I've done all my good-and-updated gallery pages. I think I only have to round a few corners, tweak the sidebar a bit and I'll be good - as soon as the Home Geek is done with his part of updating the links between website and blog.

Sunday was beautiful, so we went on a short-ish hike with the kids. Short-ish because walkign the same trail with the kids takes about 50% more time than just adults - but they taggged along, Heimlich walked alone for most of it. He did use his hands and bottom a lot, but there were some steap climbs and places with lots of big chunks of rocks. Both kids have mad eimpressive progress in balance and stamina over the summer.

Pictures ! )
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And so, by chance, I discovered that the current state of the website remodel doesn't allow me to easily link to a picture hosted on my own website.
Option one was find another plug-in and a way to go around the limitations of the current template. Estimated time to understand and fiw the issue : two weeks. Option two : just move everything I can to FlickR.
Guess where my fashion plates will reside in the future ?...  Sometimes, it's just not worth my time when I have a simpler option.

One hiking coat is done-ish. It should have been delivered yesteday but the train didn't cooperate, so I still have the coat and E. is hiking in the woods with her old one. Which means I have time to fiw the small things I couldn't do before, like ordering the right cordstops and adding grosgrain loops at the hem.

The corset cover is also done, I'll try to take pictures on Monday.

I have started takign apart my old black skirt to upgrade it into a better mid-1890s piece. It was a quick and dirty job and served me well, but I can do better now. Plus, it's too small in the waist now..The plan is to take it apart entirely, see if I can piece some fullness to the back from the fabric I have, and add gores of black velvet between panels. I have a few reference images of that, and it seems like a period-correct approach to altering a garment. It uses up fabric from the stash ; and they *loved* using velvet as a trim.

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And there were a few nights with only 4 or 5 hours the week before. Please dear brain, I'd really love for you to shut down some during nighttime, thanks.

Not much sewing over the week-end. On saturday we paved the area under the clothesline that turned to dirt every summer. Yesterday was the first meeting for the runway show I'm planning with two colleagues next May. I'm starting to get a grasp of the workload ahead and... well, it's a lot. Five big wedding dreses, two children's outfits. Plus coordinating, models (mostly done), photographers (mostly done too, jsut a few places to ask and clarify), MUAs and hairdressers, among other things.

I tried to go to sleep after that, but my head wa sprobably much too excited so I spent most of the night working on my website. I wanted to launch the new version in early septembre, I think it's going to take just a little longer, but it's still comign along rather nicely. The About page is done, the landing page almost done, the sidebar too. Next up is a better portfolio.

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The blog post is slowly taking shape. It should be done by tomorrow.

The Oympe dress (modern evening/bridal wear for my protfolio) is mocked-up except for sleeves, which are partly mocked-up. I want to avoid making a full mock-up if at all possible. The skirt part should be fairly straightforward - simple angled panels for fullness. I'm running short on musling for mock-ups, I should probably pick some up before the kids come back, but I don't want to brave Ikea just yet.

Since I was good today I gave myself some time to play and scanned a bunch of pictures from my magazines collection. All of them from La Famille, January 1894. I'm putting them on FlickR for now, because my website is awaiting a complete overhaul and I don't want to upload things there until it is done. (BTW, I also worked with the Home Geek on the website, I'm waiting for him to arrange a few technical things and then I can get going on updating it for good. One more thing accomplished !)
Just a small selection of the pictures below :
28 janvier 1894, La Famille Toilette habillée Robe de deuil Jaquette de demi-saison Robe de soirée ou de grand dîner

I am trying to be good but there are a couple volumes on eBay that are calling my name right now. Not that I have scanned more than a teeny-tiny part of the whole collection, mind you. Today I have moved a few of the books, and I had to take some upstairs because they no longer fit in the downstairs shelves. Or maybe I should put the comic books upstairs and leave the living-room shelves for costume books + board games (another thing that we have an ever-increasing number of and tha I  have no intention of trimming).

I might also have spent a good part of my work breaks dreaming about 1790s riding habits. I might be thinking about a Théroigne de Méricourt inspired costume. What is sure is that right now I don't have the time for this, nor the occasion... But dreams of costume ar sweet dreams.


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