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Though still okay.
I did not get to design and make the whole top, which might be linke to the fact that we also went to the market for groceries (exciting, I know...), tried to choose a new ceiling light for the livng room (and failed, everything was sort of "meh", too big, too expensive, and using wierd inefficient bulbs. I want LIGHT dammit, not dimmed unicorn hair !). Then we also wanted to choose new tiles for the kitchen, and failed even more. Because gray, or concrete-gray, or fake-wood-gray, or dark-gray, or more... gray. Yes... NO. Gray countertops AND gray floor ? No, just no.
And Sunday we played board games with the neighbors for most of the afternoon.

But I still got to make a trial version of the top - in printed cotton satin, for me to wear in the spring and summer. It gave me some trouble, because the 1920s daft I started with was HUGE. I had already taken it in something like 4 or 5 inches in those pictures, and ended up taking it in even more.
IMG_20160221_125113 IMG_20160221_125209

I haven't completely finished it yet. It needs hems, buttons and an elastic at the (dropped) waist. I did however use it to plot the pattern for the bridal top, and cut out all the pieces. Except it still seems too big - oh well, that should be an easy fix.

I have given myself a break of the 365-drawign challenge. I have foudn mysel fin a crative rut more often than not lately, and I want to spend my kid-free time concentrated in the workshop. And I need to go swmiing again. I did 40 laps on Friday and it killed me. I have to get back in shape a bit, or hkking will be a pain come spring.


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