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IMG_1255I'm getting closer with the sequins on Ursula. One half is "good enough" done - I could add more, and will try to do so, but it looks okay for now. The other side has one really small tentacle left, the tip of another, and some places where I want to add sequins on the corset itself. I should be seeing the photographer and the model on Sunday, and with some luck we'll decide on a date for a photoshoot while we're all in the same room.

The Gold waistcoat is done except for buttons and buttonholes. Bright me figured I'd better try it on Lord Darkstone to check the fit before actually cutting the buttonholes. You know, just in case it doesn't fit exactly as I had planned.

As for now, I'm off to help with the Darkstone's move. Time just flies by with two kids home... I am getting impatient for the school to start again so that I can have the house to myself again, just for the silence and the chance to not be inerrupted by one of their quarrels. They're adorable but thie Mama needs alone, down-time to work efficiently.

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Les Dernières Modes de Paris Les Dernières Modes de Paris Les Dernières Modes de Paris Mai 1922 (?) Mai 1922 (?) Mai 1922 (?) Mai 1922 (?) Mai 1922 (?)
I just finished scanning all the fashion plates I bought during our vacation. That just leaves me with all the bound magazines and a huge pile of hat plates Lady Darkstone dumped on my lap before summer. I'm not even attempting to put them on the website. That's what FlickR is for, right ?
They were marked 1922 by the selles, it doesn't seem too far off... but other plates had a wrong date, so proceed with caution.
Now I want to sew little girl's 1920s dresses

The Gold waistcoat  : I'm finishing handsewing the collar, then I need to bind the armholes, find buttons, make buttonholes.
I started draping another wedding gown, one for my portfolio and for september's bridal fair - I needed to get a rough idea of how I wanted it to calculate yardage and order fabric. That is going to be a LOT of silk organza. And a lot of tulle.

I did some tidying up in the workshop - a giant crinoline of doom suddenly makes you realize you have too much clutter in your workspace ! I made a huge bag of scraps to give away to Toad's preschool, a small pile of shiny/silky/taffetas-ey fabrics I might use for bowties and the like, and a small bag of printed cotton scraps I want to use to make an 18th century "patchwork" pocket. Not all prints are period correct, there will probably be one period pocket and a "sentimental" one in whacky fabrics, like the scraps from the pink Eiffel tower skirt I am wearing today. Which remidns me I shoul trace the pattern of this skirt, because it is awesome and I need to remake it.

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Really minor annoyances :
- the art school has completely mixed up the schedule for the printmaking courses. We were told they'd keep the Advanced class the same... no such luck. It is now every week, on Wednesday evening 6-8PM. Which SUCKS because a) that time of day is when we have dinner with the kids, and among the little time we get together with the HG during the week, b) I don't have a sitter on Wednesdays, so the HG would have to come home earlier and c) I've done that time slot once. It's the last one of the day so basically you spend the last 20 to 30 minutes cleaning up the workshop instead of printing. Nope nope nope, several levels of it. Oh, and it's a two hours weekly course instead of four ours every other week, which I found much better. I have been toying with just dropping it, in the end I think I'm going to go with 2 hours weekly, every Tuesday 2-4PM. It's still jsut two hours, and weekly, but at least it doesn't conflict with the family's schedule.
- The moment it rains is of course when I have laundry outside ont he clothesline. And by raining I mean it poured, suddenly, and I was just getting in the shower, so there was no getting out real quick to save it from being drenched.

Happy mail day(s) :
- my zone-front striepd anglaise came back, I just need to check it
- my Vena Cava order arrived, very quickly, and I now have tons of pretty coutil for corsets
- this morning I recieved my Fortuny book, which I got for a pretty ridiculous price for such a big book

The kids have been true angels for the last two days. I have been a little lazy (I get trapped in my books way too easily), but things are still coming along. I want to get the gold waistcoat for Lord Darkstone done this week, that would be one thing off the sewing table.


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