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I wanted to post earlier but DW ate a long post I had already done so... here's the short version of things I am happy with :

- I finished the toile for my fitting... which got postponed. But the toile is done !
- I am very close to being done with flossing the gray corset. Then I'll add some silver sparkle, I think. Not entirely sure yet.
- I assembled my Ref. N edwardian corset (Atelier Sylphe, measurements not adapted) and added boning channels to one half of it already. I just started pinning the channels inside the other half.
- I made the "chainmail" tunic and the green tunic for my son's Link costume
- I managed to take the kids with me to the opening of a photographer friend's exhibition. It was great to see her, admire her work, and the kids loved it, too (I know, I am spoiled)
- the cakes are baked for Heimlich's birthday party, tomorrow
- and we still managed to buy groceries and go to the swimming pool today
- I even did ten laps while the kids played with their Dad. Although Toad can now swim and plays very much by herself without supervision.
- my sleep patterns are getting better. Not perfect, but better.
- I have convinced the HG to watch the last season of Dr who, and we both enjoyed it. I have also started the Handmaid's tale on my lunch/flossing breaks, and enjoy it so far.

I have to order some lace and some corsetry supplies. My shopping carts are full but I am a bit reluctant, things add up quickly...

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So I was lazy and got up a bit late, took my time to get ready, do my yoga, have breakfast, an headed to the farmer's market, somethign I have not been able to do yet this year because I was either without a car or in a rush at work. And it was sooo good ! It was the end of the market, and people had been scarce, so I got freebies and a good deal on heavenly strawberries. Fresh rhubarb and asparagus, ginger cheddar, smoked cheddar, and the plant guy was here.

Guys, bookstores ahve always been a dangerous zone for me, but I suspect gardening stores are becoming one, too. I went home with chard and lettuce (more grown that mine - I only sowed the chard yesterday), so that we don't have to wait as long. Then mint and coriander, carnation, a gooseberry and a raspberry bush. And another strawberry bush, because there will never be enoguh strawberries for our son. And RHUBARB. I will be good and not plant right now, as they predict below freezing temps during the night for two more days. that will give me time to find a place for everything. 
I am SO excited, this is starting to really be my dream garden.

Bonus : the littl eplants were cheap, organic, and locally grown. And I bought fresh italian pasta for tonight.

Apr. 12th, 2017 10:17 pm


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I spent most of the afternoon in the garden, trimming the hedge that's just over the vegetable patch - can't do that once it's full of young plants, right ? Mostly, the butterfly bush hadn't been trimmed down for two years and was as high as the house.
It's a plant I dug up from the rocks and concrete next to our previous place - there were wild butterfly bushes growing on a patch where a new building was to be added, and I wanted to save one. I only managed to dig out one of the smallest ones, it was maybe three inches high at the time. First it lived in a pot on our balcony, then we planted it in the garden. And today I needed the ladder to cut it down - a project made slightly more adventurous by the honeysuckle vines that tried to strangle me and kept the cut-off branches in place...

The kids pleaded for a game of Quirkle, and it's amazing how much better they got at it since last time - especially Toad. I won, but not by much, and Toad was calculating the scores very, very fast.

Sewing was slow - just partially patterned Titania's underdress. Client postponed her appointment, which was okay by me - I'd much rather see her at a time when the kids aren't home.

On a less happy note : I am crossposting from Dreamwidth, and I will be deleting my LJ shortly. Not out of a particular personal fear, but things like censorship and discrimination (and worse) are a dealbreaker for me. So, follow me here if you want to keep in touch !

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Posting from DW for now, since I don't want to lose touch with anyone, I guess I'll just go back and forth between the two sites and crosspost from here.

Once upon a time I thought last week "Oh, I'll get some down time once the big wedding gown is out of the workshop" Hahah WRONG ! First, let's place two days of intensive draping, patterning and sewing with Lady Darkstone at the start of the week. So this happened :

EnregistrerI have to tweak the hem of one of the skirt layers in the back, add a zipper to the bodice's CB, and finish the neckline and armscyes with piping. The original plan included flutter sleeves but I'm not convinced they are really needed now. All fabrics came from stash !
We also patterned "Furisode", the Japan-themed dress - which will feature the blurry patterned fabroc on the right of the picture. It was amazign to have Lady Darkstone with me to chat, sew and drink tea. Sometimes working from home alone can be a little solitary.

Also, yes, this is my workshop/living-room; and yess, I have rolls of fabric waiting to be used there. And I have two ladies coming for variosu projects this week. I might need to tidy up a little tomorrow, right now the room is a war zone.

In non-sewing news I have baby tomato plants growing on my desk now, and the zucchinis and pumpkins are still on the balcony. I wanted to put them in the ground this week-end, but visitors left no time for gardening. If I went by the book I would'nt put them outside before next month, but we have had pretty steady temps for a while now, reaching 27°C yesterday.

We have started practising for the end of year show at ballet, so the lessons are a little less extreme for me and much more fun. And I managed to squeeze some time to pattern and grade the costumes for my daughter's group between two fittings today. Another Mom is supposed to have access to a larger format copier and make copies for everyone, while I make the tutorial.

HJ :
4-7. A quiet day after the mad rush to finish the wedding gown. I finished flossing Murielle's corset, and started working on Titania's underdress.
4-8. Our dance teacher finally settled on a fabric for the kids' costume, yay !
4-9. First picninc in the moutains of the year ! We went to a beautiful pass where there is a bog and a trail that goes right through it, with regular stops to show the specificities of the place. We walked a little, showed the kids around and just sat in the sun while they played - not in the actual bog, obviously.
4-10. Working side by side with my best friend while drinking tea and being silly about politics. I dug out an old campaign song from 1981 :p Also, my tooth infection almost disappeared within minutes after the dentist saw it. Before I even bought the bow of antibiotics.
4-11. Good workou day - I have been a little lazy with yoga as I was a little pressed for time and tired or sick, and it felt good to really get back into my groove today. And the day ended with a cool ballet lesson. I feel a little bit sore but very happy.

Apr. 10th, 2017 07:33 pm


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Trying to crosspost from DW.

We have a skirt that needs a zipper and a belt, a partially cut (but patterned, mocked-up and fitted) bodice, and an idea of the general direction we're going in.
and I managed to get a tooth infection, joy.
Jan. 26th, 2017 01:57 pm


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Time is getting tight for the FR contest entry. I am drowning in a sea of tulle and hav elittle time to catch up. The corset is... sorta okay. There are issues, mostly camouflaged by surface treatment I added. It isn't as perfect as I would hav eliked, but since I didn't have time for a mock-up, I guess it's okay. I will make a mock-up and overbust version at some point, though, because Lady Darkstone's figure is just too damn interesting to use as practive. I made a really nice modesty panel, tough.
20170107_171608 20170120_145647 20170126_095450
I have a crinoline (hacked from Ikea - the bumpad is nolonger needed actually), but I am starting to doubt I will use it, the tulle is already super-froofy. The chemise-thingie is mostly done - I need to bind the armholes and add trim. Hem is considered to be optional if I want to get the photoshoot done on Saturday.
I have the underlayer and yoke for the tutu. Many, many more layers to cut and gather. And trim.

Happies from the past few days :
1-24 - it's more of a gratitude thing than a happy moment, but I'm really happy with my body. The yoga + ballet combination, + doing some sporty stuff with the family seems to have some effect, I am feeling in better shape, and finding some ease I had as a child while dancing. I still get the occasional aches in the joint,s but my back has calmed down a lot from where it was a few months back, and I feel fitter.
1-25 - the kids had a long debate at lunch about the shape of letters in cursive. It just made me so happy that they have each other, and are not so far apart in age so that they can discover things together. Then the HG went home and announced he managed to get a little something from our insurance. It's about 5% of the actual value that was stolen from our home I think, but only half of what the "expert" evaluated. Still better than nothing.
1-26 - we haven't had confirmation from the insurance yet, but the estimate we got for the car is actually higher than I thought it would be.

Jan. 11th, 2017 09:58 am


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1-10 Snow day ! It snowed the whole day, and there's still a little bit on the ground. Of course, now it's a bit frustrating tthat we're without a car to go up where there is more than half an inch of white stuff on the ground... but still : pretty ! And in the evening something clicked for me in my ballet course, and I was able to feel what I was doing wrong with my dégagé. Yay !

1-11 A hot bath after my morning yoga session. I've been enjoying some healthy me-time int he mornings lately, and today felt heavenly, after really sore legs from yesterday's ballet.

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I woke up yesterday just after a dream where I was sewing (I was making a completely ridiculous corset with all sorts of embellishments stacked onto it, it was hideous but in my dream I found it beautiful... dreams are weird !), and I got up all motivated, eager to sew and suddenly feeling like my motivation is BACK !
I almost hit a snag right after dropping off the kids at school, though. I had barely poured myself a cup of tea when the phone rang, and I was asked to please come pick up Toad, who wasn't feeling well. She slept on the couch for the whole morning, and was amazingly un-clingy during the whole day. In fact, both kids were adorable and let me work with almost no interruptions. sometimes miracles happen, I guess :)

I zoomed through cutting out and assembling mock-up  #3 for a bride, and the fitting today went perfectly - I am really really proud of how the dress and jacket fit her. Now onto the real fabric - if I could just find a fine, ivory and navy striped charmeuse for the jacket lining that would be perfect.

I also finished altering the pattern for the kid's costume. I'm buying the fabrics tomorrow and I will probably get it done by Monday (no sewing time foreseen on the week-end).

Maybe, just maybe I'll manage to get pictures of myself in the 1895 blouse during the week-end - come to think of it, I will have a period-looking house at hand on Saturday. In the meantime I have taken a few pics on the dress dummy, and I'll do a full write-up in the next few days.

Corsage-blouse en taffetas, 1895
Now if I'm very good I might find some time to start working on something for me, or some corset stuff before we leave for the holidays.
Dec. 12th, 2016 01:33 pm

Weekly log

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... because I didn't mange to type anything for over a week... *sigh* I blame the cold, mostly.

So :

  • the 1895 blouse is done,

  • Diane's bag is done and photographed,

  • the Gold waistcoat has been fitted to the model, altered, and is now finished. Including buttosn and buttonholes (gah, I hate those SO MUCH !)

  • I draped the pattern for Titania's laced bodice, traced and cut it, and even started assembling it - before realizing I had more pressing matters :

  • I have a last minute child's costume order (from the neighbors, yay to a client who litterally lives next door ! Quick trip for fittings !), pattern is done, mock-up is done and fitted

  • after a long search, I think I have found the fabrics for Titania, and those for the kid's costume as well.

Very tired still, or again. We put up the Christmas tree on Saturday, and all I can say is that decorating with a headache of doom is not very enjoyable. I am feeling a teeny tiny bit more festive now, though. The headache is coming and going.
Toad dragged us to the ice rink yesterday, and it was not a complete failure. Two anxiety attacks but I somehow survived, the kids were ecstatic, even Heimlich wants to go back. Maybe next time I can actually enjoy myself slightly.
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I have sewn two seams. And that's that. Fought with the online groceries shopping platform, managed to get the newsletter out, zoned out, drank tea, spent the afternoon with Lady darkstone and replenished the tea stash.
On the way I managed to score a Ravencaw t-shirt, which makes me ridiculously happy.
I completely forgot to visit the games shop, though. Good thing I can order from them online. We have two new board games we want to add to our ever growing collection, and Heimlich asked for one for Christmas, too.
For now, the kids have mostly managed to keep their holiday wishes on the "reasonable, not too big, useful" side of things - we're running out of space to store toys they don't really use. I hope the Home Geek's parents keep it that way, too. No more doll house or giant wood castle, please. And as much as Heimlich (and Toad, to a lesser degree) love dolls, we already have an army of them.
Dec. 1st, 2016 09:05 pm


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No museum yesterday - Heimlich is prtty tired and has a mild cold, so we stayed home. Toad caught the cold, as well, and passed it on to me. I have a sore throat and feel a little cottony. I'm going to bed early today.

The sleeves are in. In fact it just needs buttons and subsequent buttonholes. But despite my big box of buttons, I have nothing that works for this blouse. And I really don't want to recover ten to fifteen buttons in stiff taffetas. For now the blous eis on hold, I don't think I'll be able to buy buttons tomorrow.

I have started the petticoat for Chardon, though. A simple crinoline petticoat in very light cotton, it should be done pretty quickly.

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I have added all closures to the 1895 blouse. That took well longer than it should have - I'm always slow when adding closures perhand. The sleeves are almost done. They need a small buttoning band added at the wrist, buttons and buttonholes obviously, then they can be put in place and the blouse is done.

I made five more turbans for Mom. I'd have liekd to make more but couldn't find many nice knits at the fabric store.

We're probably going to the museum thsi afternoon. There's Kandinsky exhibition and my daughter has been pestering me to go for almost two weeks now. I can't really complain :)

Nov. 27th, 2016 09:58 am


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This Saturday and my hopes for doing Fun Stuff and Being Creative ? Well, funny stomach bug came and said NO. And then proceeded to ruin Heimlich's evening after keeping me in bed for the day.

I shoudl probably start looking into decorating and christmas stuff, but I really just don't feel the holiday feels yet. I feel like my Fall season somehow didn't happen yet, there's just this weird blur between September and last week, it's hard to adjust back to the actual time of the year.

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I managed to blog my 1895 bathing suit. totally weather- and season-appropriate, of course. and I noticed after uploading the post I have forgotten (and likely lost) the black bow that's supposed to go at the neck. Oops.
Costume de bain 1895
Anyway, the post is up there, with more pictures, and the Flickr album is here.

That took most of my morning, but I managed to make a good dent in my to-do list. I did not venture into the workshop today, though, which is always a bit frustrating. Maybe I'll get around to play a bit with fabric this week-end...
As of now, my 1895 blouse like this - no closures yet except for the hooks and eyes that keep the lining shut, no sleeves,, and still missing the piece that craps around the lower back and probably something to spice up the collar. But all edges on the body of the blouse are finished in neat, invisible handstitches.

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Not a very productive day. I dug out the 1895 taffetas blouse and fiddled with the front pleats until I got something satisfying. It's not perfect, but it isn't too bulky and looks reasonably good. Not much else got accomplished - I had to run some errands and spend half an hour cleaning my workspace. The cat managed to puke on my new sewing machine feet AND inside a box of pins. Cats make life sooo much more interesting.

We ate at Lady Darkstone's, and the kids had fun in the garden while we chatted and drank tea. The only downside were the two hours stuck in traffic, instead of the usual 40 minutes. I feel drained and cranky now. I think I am going to start Christmas shopping to cheer me up. Or maybe I'll just crash in bed early.

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So I didn't get as far as I wanted (do I ever ?), but I have been productive. Diane's bag is done, and I have found fabric to make new headwraps for Mom.
And then the tartan at the bottom just screamed my name and jumped into my shopping bag, along with the four skeins of yarn for legwarmers. Because it's getting cold, I need legwarmers to cushion my ankles for ballet, and I will wear my one pair out or get bored with it if I don't knit myself more.

In regards to which I splurged and bought myself a KnitPro interchangeable set of knitting needles. The cheap bamboo ones are falling apart one after the other. I am hoping it gets here before the needle I'm using for my Sadler's Wells give up the ghost.

Monday was also a good mail day, my new sewing machine feet finally came (after, like over a month) !
I don't know how to use about half of them, but they do fit my sewing machine, and there's alwasy YouTube to get the hang of new toys. They seem well-made, and the box was really cheap.

Nov. 21st, 2016 10:37 am

Weekly log

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I *really* want to go back to daily logging, or at least more regular one... *kicks herself in the butt*
Still feeling a bit raw, but HEY ! I am typing ! Working on writing on a Monday morning ! And I did my accounting and taxes that were late ! It must be getting better, right ?

I got the pictures form the last two photoshoots and they are gorgeous. Seriously.
Robe de bal 1895 Robe "Ursula"
(click for more and bigger images)
I am repaying Diane (who shot Murielle in the Ursula dress, second picture) with a muff-handbag. Which was close to done until I realized I had forgotten to add the strap in the appropriate place. Uh oh... don't I love unpicking ?

I have a lot of overdue stuff to work ont he computer this week, but part of me is just dying to sew something for fun - I hope Diane's bag will somewhat fulfill the urge. I'd really want to get the 1895's blouse done, it's been lingering on the corner of shame since Halloween.

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So the body lining of the bodice/blouse is done. I ended up moving a seam and the two front darts, adding a little horizontal dart at the bustline at CF (there's one in an 1895 dress in Janet Arnold, so I felt justified in doing so), changing the armscye, and I will need to take my usual small dart at center back at the neckline.
It fits nicely enough - maybe the armscye is a little too high on the shoulder, I will see. I mocked-up the standing collar and did neither choke nor get mad at A Thing Around My Neck. This is good, because I'm really bad at tolerating anything that hugs my neck too closely.
I haven't touched the sleeve itself much, jsut cut out the lining part for one to check how it works with the new armscye.

I got the clothes I ordered for the kids' Halloween costumes, and one of the leggings is the wrong color. Toad decided she wants to be Harley Quinn afer all - so I ordered black leggings and what I thought were red ones. except they are a dark pink/cranberry color. Nope nope nope. I am probably going to just use the black, add some red decoration on top, a red tulle skirt, and make her a two-tone hoodie.

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I dug out the 1895 blouse mock-up I have done ages ago and proceede to try it back on. I am a little larger now than I was when I made it, but it fits rather well with a few minor adjustements.  Moving a dart here, and armscye there... I have taken it apart and am tracing off the master pattern. The next mock-up will serve as the fitted lining it it works ok.
The sleeve looks mostly ok, I just need to make the sleeve head a bit bigger in two areas (to move the armscye upward on the shoulder, as opposed to just at the tip of it) and pivot it slightly. I just wish I remembered which sleeve pattern I used... It has a little bit of body already, I am hoping with silk taffetas and a stiff lining it will be puffy enough.

The water heater is down, no heating and no warm water for the past two days, I really really REALLY hope the maintenance guys who come tomorrow will fiw it quickly. I am NOT looking forward to a cold shower...

Oct. 15th, 2016 03:52 pm


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I figure I'd do a little bit of dream-sewing and write out the different ideas I have in my mind for future corsetry projects.

  • green silk underbust with straps. To go over a white underdress with small bustle. Simple shape, probably no excessive waist reduction, detachable straps that cross in the back, matching ribbon-embroidered garter. For the 2017 runway show.

  • gold and red corset for M (who was Ursula last year). The first idea was an overbust with a meandering top edge, but I am thinking about making this short 1906 corset instead.

  • leftover jean's corset - to recycle all the old torn jeans the Home Geek gave me. Probably something with gores, and small panels, and there will be some appliqués or flowers ot patch pockets.

  • white and silver corset to go with the Eva skirt. The existing top is really really tiny and I have a model who'd like to wear it, but only fits the skirt. The silvery linen would look really pretty on a corset...

  • Titania : I am still scrambling for ideas, but there will be SOME form of corset in this as well...

  • pink silk satin corset - for me, in the most luscious silk satin I have ever touched. Probably to be used in the Ballet project

  • a corset for Lady Darkstone for her ballet themed-outfit

  • I'd really like a real edwardian one of those days...



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