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I posted all about my corset cover. It's just a corset cover, but still a long post.

IMG_6307 DSC_0441

The post is here.

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One hiking coat is coming along nicely, mostly sewn togather now.

After dinner I switched to the "free time" project, aka corset coveR. It is done... mostly. Mostly because I don't have the right ribbon to thread through the eyelets, I haven't tried it over the corset, and I swed the last button on th wrong side of the fabric. I'm taking this as a sign I should Go. To. BeD. Now.

So good night word !

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So the fabric for the hiking gear came yesterday, and I sent the first batch through pre-wash as soon as I was semi-functional. It dries very quickly but tonight I still have one length hanging in the staircase, because my machine had a hard time actually washing it. Naturally water-proof fabric is a little TOO waterproof for its taste.
I thought I'd be all cut out by tonight but most of the day was spent ironing (yay...), re-rolling, then planning out the steps to actually sew the whole thing. So many tiny details I'm really not used to. This is way way waaaay out of my comfort zone ! I actually made written list of all the steps and how I should do them. That's a first.
I have started laying things out on the fabric for one coat, but I'm not done yet. I hope I can finish tracing all pieces before the kids rampage through the living-room tomorrow. the cat has already found the fabric, but she's an old lady now, she just quietly sits on it and won't cause much damage.

Down to 15 eyelets to make on the corset cover, due to a few small breaks here and there and nighttime sewing yesterday. I'd really much like to get it done for the photoshoot on Thursday. I haven't yet decided on the lace I am going to use. I have the lace I used for my chemise and matching drawers, but only the fake (and a little scratchy Valenciennes, there's no more of the whitework. I'm considering only using whitework, I think I have enough in the stash of a scalloped something.

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I have finished mocking up the "Olympe" dress, and cut out most of it. I ended up havign to do a second, full length sleeve mock-up, and then cutting out all four layers of left + right sleeve + lining in duchess satin kinda killed my hands. The duchess satin seemed lighter on the roll, but it does have a good body when I want to cut it ! It's not silk (display item meant to be ahuled around various displays + photoshot in the woods = needs to be very washable), but it's still very pretty. Especially when the rool unrolls itself on the floor and the workshop gets a temporary shiny blue floor covering.

No pictures yet because it doesn't look like anything yet, really.

I added a few more pictures (with description, that's actually what takes up most of the time) to the 1894 FlickR album. I also uploaded a bunch of older pictures - as in 2006-old. I needed them available online to plan a photoshoot. The photographer came today to have a look at what I had and we're probably going to work with the two late bustle dresses I made. They need some minor repairs and alterations - I'm waiting until I have a firm yes from the models to really look into it.

I have done all the front eyelets on the corset cover, marked those in the back and started on them. Not counting yet because that would only be depressing :p

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I'm kid-free for two weeks ! I thought I would jump right back into work, but no.

So instead I made progress on the current historical me-projet - aka finally a corset cover.

I hadn't realized how many eyelets I will have to sew. At least I will get a tad better at it, I guess. And rewatch a lot of Dr Who.


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