Apr. 12th, 2017 10:17 pm


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I spent most of the afternoon in the garden, trimming the hedge that's just over the vegetable patch - can't do that once it's full of young plants, right ? Mostly, the butterfly bush hadn't been trimmed down for two years and was as high as the house.
It's a plant I dug up from the rocks and concrete next to our previous place - there were wild butterfly bushes growing on a patch where a new building was to be added, and I wanted to save one. I only managed to dig out one of the smallest ones, it was maybe three inches high at the time. First it lived in a pot on our balcony, then we planted it in the garden. And today I needed the ladder to cut it down - a project made slightly more adventurous by the honeysuckle vines that tried to strangle me and kept the cut-off branches in place...

The kids pleaded for a game of Quirkle, and it's amazing how much better they got at it since last time - especially Toad. I won, but not by much, and Toad was calculating the scores very, very fast.

Sewing was slow - just partially patterned Titania's underdress. Client postponed her appointment, which was okay by me - I'd much rather see her at a time when the kids aren't home.

On a less happy note : I am crossposting from Dreamwidth, and I will be deleting my LJ shortly. Not out of a particular personal fear, but things like censorship and discrimination (and worse) are a dealbreaker for me. So, follow me here if you want to keep in touch !

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I am feeling really good about myself tonight. A few days back I was bouncing ideas at [livejournal.com profile] heileen (who has been absolutely fabulous to discuss ideas and fabrics, is the best possible trooper for improbable fittings and lets me shoot off all my stress at her, seriously, she rocks) and laid out a plan for the few kid-free days I get during the vacations. And for once in my creative life, I am actually on track ! I just finished machine-stitching the binding to the bottom of the stays (in (almost) one pass no pinnning involved. I AM getting better at this !). They need grommets (ordered and waiting for me to pick them up tomorrow or on Friday) and the binding sewn by hand to the inside of the stays at the bottom. The top is done, and the straps, too.
I promised you pictures earlier :
This is the oen that shows best how the fabrics changes with the light, also some of the glittering effect of the glod threads is lost in it.

In other happy things, I have

Pictures ! )

Since I'm on track with my program, and I even started patching the hole Heimlich made in his silk velvet cape (that he needs for the runway... well, he'll be a patched prince), I am going to enjoy the evenign and relax, catch up on some Project Runway and sew down some stays binding.


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