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I figure I'd do a little bit of dream-sewing and write out the different ideas I have in my mind for future corsetry projects.

  • green silk underbust with straps. To go over a white underdress with small bustle. Simple shape, probably no excessive waist reduction, detachable straps that cross in the back, matching ribbon-embroidered garter. For the 2017 runway show.

  • gold and red corset for M (who was Ursula last year). The first idea was an overbust with a meandering top edge, but I am thinking about making this short 1906 corset instead.

  • leftover jean's corset - to recycle all the old torn jeans the Home Geek gave me. Probably something with gores, and small panels, and there will be some appliqués or flowers ot patch pockets.

  • white and silver corset to go with the Eva skirt. The existing top is really really tiny and I have a model who'd like to wear it, but only fits the skirt. The silvery linen would look really pretty on a corset...

  • Titania : I am still scrambling for ideas, but there will be SOME form of corset in this as well...

  • pink silk satin corset - for me, in the most luscious silk satin I have ever touched. Probably to be used in the Ballet project

  • a corset for Lady Darkstone for her ballet themed-outfit

  • I'd really like a real edwardian one of those days...



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