Jan. 27th, 2016

Jan. 27th, 2016 09:32 pm

Snow day

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Not like you on the East Coast, and I must say I'm just jealous, and if anybody wants to shove some of your snow over the Atlantic to us, I'd be delighted. Because around here it looks like mid- to late-March, there barely is any white stuff left, and things are starting to spourt left and right. Which means the Home Geek and I took the afternoon off to see some snow while it lasts.And this morning I took the morning off to help in Toad's class because she asked me "Why do you never come to the art workshops with us ?" with big puppy eyes. and she's extremely good at puppy eyes, and I figured now will be better than any closer to the show.
so basically, I have done nothing work-wise today (okay, I PM-ed with A about a few details on the hiking pants, and answered an email. And that was it). And now I'm just hopping into a warm bath and then into bed with a good book. Because I'm tired. Good ngith world, be more productive tomorrow. Sledding is important, too.


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