Nov. 23rd, 2016

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So I didn't get as far as I wanted (do I ever ?), but I have been productive. Diane's bag is done, and I have found fabric to make new headwraps for Mom.
And then the tartan at the bottom just screamed my name and jumped into my shopping bag, along with the four skeins of yarn for legwarmers. Because it's getting cold, I need legwarmers to cushion my ankles for ballet, and I will wear my one pair out or get bored with it if I don't knit myself more.

In regards to which I splurged and bought myself a KnitPro interchangeable set of knitting needles. The cheap bamboo ones are falling apart one after the other. I am hoping it gets here before the needle I'm using for my Sadler's Wells give up the ghost.

Monday was also a good mail day, my new sewing machine feet finally came (after, like over a month) !
I don't know how to use about half of them, but they do fit my sewing machine, and there's alwasy YouTube to get the hang of new toys. They seem well-made, and the box was really cheap.

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Not a very productive day. I dug out the 1895 taffetas blouse and fiddled with the front pleats until I got something satisfying. It's not perfect, but it isn't too bulky and looks reasonably good. Not much else got accomplished - I had to run some errands and spend half an hour cleaning my workspace. The cat managed to puke on my new sewing machine feet AND inside a box of pins. Cats make life sooo much more interesting.

We ate at Lady Darkstone's, and the kids had fun in the garden while we chatted and drank tea. The only downside were the two hours stuck in traffic, instead of the usual 40 minutes. I feel drained and cranky now. I think I am going to start Christmas shopping to cheer me up. Or maybe I'll just crash in bed early.


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