Mar. 29th, 2016

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I was simply burried under meters of mock-ups and silk. In short, dear [ profile] heileen came and we mocked-up her dress and it's going to be fabulous. I hope. I'm in a modd where I'm rather unsure of my ability to sew... I know it *will* pass, but it still sucks while it lasts.

I need to finish Cruella's cape as it is my HSM item, and tackle the mountain of tulle that has invaded the sewing room./living-room.

On the HG's insistance I did take the whole weekend off - it was a good thing after an intense week, and I was starting to work non-stop, after dinenr and during the week-end. We had an easter egg hunt inside the house, played a lot of Minecraft, board games with the kids. I even picked up some knitting again.

I think one of the reason I stopped knitting is my needles. I have cheap bamboo needles ahtat are oklay-ish, but for small doll sweaters I upgraded to steel needles with a cable that doesn't get all twisted and actually lets stitches slide, and it makes such a difference in comfort.... I'm very tempted to slowly upgrade the rest of my knitting kit. The bonnet for Toad will be totally okay on the bamboo needles, though, no poitn in waiting for weeks for better needles to arrive.


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