Feb. 28th, 2016

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Yes it is. My left index had an encounter with my rotary cutter, and it is just annoying enough to slow me down.

The wedding top is closer to being done, but it looks like it won't get used in a photoshoot anytime soon, so I switched gears and went back to fashion show stuff. I traced out Ursula's corset pattern, then did not know how many layers I want to make it, so I let it be for the time being.

I have mostly worked on Toad's crinoline dress. The bodiced petticoat is done and fits well. The dress is mostly done, I have done the final fitting and adjustments. It has sleeves, and a good part of the trim. I need to cut out the skirt trim and make more piping. From a fabric that frays like mad. I left some peices on their own for *one* hour, and whoops ! Half a centimeter frayed away ! I hope the bits I have left on the table won't have frayed into nothingness by tomorrow.

Both kids are back home, and we're enjoying the last days of our vacation. Movie afternoon on Thursday, a short (shortened because very steep and muddy) walk yesterday, ice-skating today, and probably tomorrow morning as well. Toad and the Home Geek had their first time at the ice rink, and they love it. Heimlich is less of a fan, he tends to get stressed out and tense. Unless his dad shoots some math quizzes at him while he skates, then he forgets to be afraid and suddenly gets a lot better.
Old me is trying to remember how this thing works without falling too often.

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Tacking the collar in place, adding buttons (ok, buttonholes will probably get made by machine, because I have better things to do), sewing the rosette in place at the waist, with another button on top.
Only issue : I don't have any button that would work.
But then, Toad's dress is done, and in time for this month's HSM - I just need to find buttons, finish it, phtograph it and blog about it by tomorrow evening.

In an ideal world, I'd then proceed to zoom through Ursula's corset and skirt in the afternoon. Let's hope tomorrow is ideal, becaus eI sure need to get cracking.

In a less ideal world, I have a medical appointment for Heimlich, a client picking up hemmed jeans, and I need to pick up medication for Heimlich's eye exam in the afternoon.


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