Apr. 16th, 2016

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The runway show is in a month, and I am starting to feel the stress build up. I have some room for errors though, there's still one dress that hasn't been started and that I can cross off the list if I'm too pressed for time. I'd rather not do that, since it's Cruella and she already has the cape.
In positive news, I had a try-on with my Ursula model yesterday and it went well. I have a few tweaks to make, and some black voile streamers to add. And then a million yard of strings of bead to drape around her shoulders.

I am still mostly on track with my self-imposed schedule. The stays for Milady are done minus grommets, which is a surprise (here goes my waiting room handwork... I was too fast at binding !). it means Milady is wearable, but for some snaps and a quick flowy voile shirt that goes under the corset.

Yesterday afternoon and today  were spent cutting out Effie. It is a bit more complicated than it sounds as the fabric is directional, with a pattern of leaves arranged in a sort of stripe, and the dress is made of half a million pieces that have to be really symetrical. I wanted to start assemblign it this evening but my brain is just too fried for pattern-matching tonight.

Instead I'm going to put myself to bed with my newest costume book, London Society Fasion 1902-1925. It came int he mail yesterday and I haven't had time to even open it yet


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