Feb. 29th, 2016

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Toad's dress is finished. And that's it in terms of efficiency for the day. I gave up on even trying to photograph it, because the sky looked like snow weather for the whole day, and it was super gloomy even inside.

Just a small shot of the belt rosette. I tried making a cockade and failed miserably. I also tried matching the blue satin to blue thread and failed even more, so I figured at least the off-white matched the rest of the dress. And I promise the piping is a bit less wonky in real life.BTW, I hate that satin. It's a vintage rayonne one, it's in bad shape, it frays like crazy, and it get waterstained by simply approaching water, it seems. I had to soak the entirety of he skirt trim because one got some water on it and I was not going to cut it out again (hello wiggly fabric !) and redo the piping.

I did manage to cut out one twill layer for Ursula's corset, but did not attempt to go further because it was so dark I had trouble seeing the pencil lines on fabric >_< With the lights on.

The afternoon was swallowed ty talking to bring sens in another mess the social security created. Most of the time, things work seamlessly and the new center I am attached to is pretty reactive and helping . But when I transferred from my previous security center for employees to the ones for self-employed people, the fact that my son has some health issues that require expensive and regular treatment somehow vanished from his file. So now they won't pay the orthoptist because our prescription is for 100% reimbursed orthoptics sessions and they think he should only get 70% reimbursed . It's a bit ridiculous, in the end, but it stresses me out a lot. I had lots of problems with them during my first pregnancy and up until Heimlich's accident when he was a baby (they didn't aknowledge the fact that he was BORN until he was almost five months old). So the whole concept of making them fix their mistakes is a big trigger for me :( I managed to go through it without having an anxiety attack, in the end, I sent them all the papers I could, and I have a back-up plan that would nto involve us paying all of the orhtoptics session otu of our pocket. So that's good. It just meant no work this afternoon.


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