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Serre-taille en cours de patronageI've got the 1890's riding corset all patterned and traced out. I didn't go as far as mocking up yesterday as I had hoped, though.
I used a mix of their intructions and of the drafting method I've been taught this summer - starting from my true measurements to place the waist, under-bust and mid-hip line. For the rest you just need one vertical line per panel, and the instructiosn tell you how to divide the width for each panel from there.

I also cleaned out the bodice pattern for the Chardon gown (grey silk organza on white ottoman, big round crinoline of doom), now I'm just waiting for the silk organza to arrive.

The other fabrics came in jut yesterday morning (like, lightning fast !), with a HUGE envelope of swatches. I think I have about a swatch of half the fabrics my provider carries - definitely of the most interesting ones. And I finally have a swatch book of their tulle with the color codes on them. Because there's nothing harder than trying to differentiate a very fine peach tulle from a very fine camel tulle when all you have is a 1 x 2 inches swatch.

Yesterday I had a lovely day with Lady Darkstone - we were supposed to cut tulle, but neither of us was feeling it, so we did some drawing, I traced off the pattern pieces for the corset, and we talked a lot and drank tea.
We're looking at working on some art togetehr in he near future, depending on how fast I work through my bridal fair gowns.



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