Jan. 31st, 2016

Jan. 31st, 2016 09:36 pm


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Despite today beign Sunday, I really, really got an itch to sew, and sew for myself. After pon,dering starting something new and possibly random, I decided I'd work on the bodice for the Snow Queen - when it is done I will have a passable base for the 1890s blouse I want to do in the near future. so even if it's a "work" project, I put on my corset, and proceeded to fit the mock-up. Taking it in a lot at the waist. Wait, is this corset really *that much* curvier than the previous one ? (I was reusing my old TV bodice for teh back pieces, so it shouldn't have been huge. But it was)
And once it was actually reasonably fitted (done while playing a game of Monopoly with the rest of the family. Multitasking FTW.), sewn and back on me, I had a look int he mirror - to check for wrinkles, originally. Wowowow, this thing is... curvy. A lot curvier than I thought I could be. I'm pretty amazed at how it looks, and surprised because it didn't look like that much with only a corset on. But throw a simili-garment on it, and BOOM ! curves.
No pictures, because I was doing a really really quick try-on before dinner, I was hungry and tasty food was calling my name. I'll try to take some tomorrow when I tweak the fit a little. as of now it is very tight, and I know the duchess satin + lining will be mor ebulky and have less stretch than the cotton I'm using right now. Plus there will be boning, and I might want to loosen my corset a bit during the day.

And I finished the hiking gear, including the so-orange-it-hurts-the-eye cordura bag. After this, even coutil will seem like soft baby skin to sew with. Not that I have ever, or ever plan to,sew with baby skin, but between ETA proff and cordura I have just had my share of hard, tightly-woven and rigid fabrics, and so does the sewing machine.

I have mroe tabs than I can count open, which means I should probably go and actually make the orders I have been thinking about for days :
- sequins (and a few beads and good thread for them) for Ursula, Cruella, and another gown in planning
- list all the feathers (mostly for Snow Queen, but maybe a few for Effie, too) I want to order with L., and the horsehait braid because the store conveniently carries both
- lace for Lady T. I have a coupon for a high end store. it should by me between one and two meters *sigh. But pretty Calais or Chantilly lace it is. I just have a really hard time making a choice.


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