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As I mentioned previously, I brought back a bunch of old fashion plates from my trip, and I hav started scanning them Ifigured, since I posted this one on the blog, I might as well share it here as well :
Le Moniteur des Dames et des Demoiselles

I took it because it has a wedding dress, but the more I look at it, the more I'm in love with the blue dress. Me. Crinoline. Love. Stop the press ! I might be getting an itch to make myself an 1860s dress !

The black coutil corset has a (not yet attached) modesty panel and a matching storage pouch.
I dug out Perceneige and worked on assembling the skirt - I'm about halway done with it. So. Much. Width at the hem ! I need to check how it moves, see if it needs a horsehair braid, or even a small ruffle ont he lining to hold it out.

Yes I know I said I wanted to work on the bathing suit, but a) the chances I acutally get to take pictures of it this summer are slim anyway and b) Perceneige takes up more floor space until it is done. There goes my motivation !

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The blog post is slowly taking shape. It should be done by tomorrow.

The Oympe dress (modern evening/bridal wear for my protfolio) is mocked-up except for sleeves, which are partly mocked-up. I want to avoid making a full mock-up if at all possible. The skirt part should be fairly straightforward - simple angled panels for fullness. I'm running short on musling for mock-ups, I should probably pick some up before the kids come back, but I don't want to brave Ikea just yet.

Since I was good today I gave myself some time to play and scanned a bunch of pictures from my magazines collection. All of them from La Famille, January 1894. I'm putting them on FlickR for now, because my website is awaiting a complete overhaul and I don't want to upload things there until it is done. (BTW, I also worked with the Home Geek on the website, I'm waiting for him to arrange a few technical things and then I can get going on updating it for good. One more thing accomplished !)
Just a small selection of the pictures below :
28 janvier 1894, La Famille Toilette habillée Robe de deuil Jaquette de demi-saison Robe de soirée ou de grand dîner

I am trying to be good but there are a couple volumes on eBay that are calling my name right now. Not that I have scanned more than a teeny-tiny part of the whole collection, mind you. Today I have moved a few of the books, and I had to take some upstairs because they no longer fit in the downstairs shelves. Or maybe I should put the comic books upstairs and leave the living-room shelves for costume books + board games (another thing that we have an ever-increasing number of and tha I  have no intention of trimming).

I might also have spent a good part of my work breaks dreaming about 1790s riding habits. I might be thinking about a Théroigne de Méricourt inspired costume. What is sure is that right now I don't have the time for this, nor the occasion... But dreams of costume ar sweet dreams.


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