Dec. 12th, 2016 01:33 pm

Weekly log

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... because I didn't mange to type anything for over a week... *sigh* I blame the cold, mostly.

So :

  • the 1895 blouse is done,

  • Diane's bag is done and photographed,

  • the Gold waistcoat has been fitted to the model, altered, and is now finished. Including buttosn and buttonholes (gah, I hate those SO MUCH !)

  • I draped the pattern for Titania's laced bodice, traced and cut it, and even started assembling it - before realizing I had more pressing matters :

  • I have a last minute child's costume order (from the neighbors, yay to a client who litterally lives next door ! Quick trip for fittings !), pattern is done, mock-up is done and fitted

  • after a long search, I think I have found the fabrics for Titania, and those for the kid's costume as well.

Very tired still, or again. We put up the Christmas tree on Saturday, and all I can say is that decorating with a headache of doom is not very enjoyable. I am feeling a teeny tiny bit more festive now, though. The headache is coming and going.
Toad dragged us to the ice rink yesterday, and it was not a complete failure. Two anxiety attacks but I somehow survived, the kids were ecstatic, even Heimlich wants to go back. Maybe next time I can actually enjoy myself slightly.
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