Sep. 12th, 2016

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My Mom went into the hospital today, my dear friend gets her MRI, so today is the day we shoudl find out  a little more about both of them. Fingers crossed and all that. Thank you for your kind words and prayers.

Not much sewing happened this week-end. I had a fitting appointements, which went extremely well - except the jacket mock-up being off, for an unknown reason the bust ended up waaaaay too high there. Next time a mock-up seems off, redo it, I'm probably right.
Dealing with *people* then wiped me out for the evening, I fell asleep on the couch while the HG was out to get pizzas.

We did a good deal of gardening, too. Since it's still hot and summery, we decided we'd try for some radishes. We planted a good half of the flower bulbs. We'd like to plant the rest on the other side of the house to make the entrance more... civilized ?
The HG put up the net under the hazel tree, and we picked a basket of hazelnuts from the ground. I'm not really lookign forward to cracking them all open and roasting them and removing the outer skin, but it will be worht it in the end. Homemade nutella, plus, those hazelnuts taste about 300% better than the store-bought ones.

I have cut almost 25 layers of tulle for the Madras dress... and I'm not entirely sold on the result. The skirt itself is cute and airy, I'm just not sure how to tie it with the white sergine and the orange madras print I have planned to use...
I am probably going to banish it to the naughty corner and work on Chardon today, since I got the fabric for the petticoat in the mail. Because  I thought I had lots of white fabric, but I did not have enough for a large crinoline petticoat, at least not in something that did not weigh the same as a dead donkey. Going to make said petticoat adjustable - since I'm making this, I can at least make sure I can wear it if I somehow get in the mood for a crinoline dress.


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