Aug. 29th, 2016

Aug. 29th, 2016 02:54 pm


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Feeling super-tired today, thanks to my period, helping with the move, reunions to plan the next runway show. As the day goes on it seems les and less likely I will leave the house today, although it would be nice if I got Toad's dance lessons sorted out - oh wait ! I just checked and they're only open after 5:30 today anyway. I'll just make a detour after picking up the kids.

Ursula's sequins are almost all on. I'm crossing fingers we manage to squeeze a shooting somewhere in September. Everyone has conflicting schedules, I have a possible whole week-end booked for another shoot project, and the first week-end of october is the bridal fair. I haven't even looked at hair and make-up yet...

The first meeting for the runway show was... interesting. We had a big round of people suddenly not feelign interested/committed anymore in just a few days - several of them starting by skipping the meeting, THEN telling they changed their mind and wouldn't partipate this year... We rearranged things around the new line-up, and it seems I still have quite a LOT to do. Like, 6 new dresses (I think ?), plus some menswear. perceneige wa splanned to get another outing then, but the model dropped out, and the replacements are more standard sizes.

I'm a little grumpy from tiredness, so I am fighting this by bidding on a bold of yukata fabric. It is pretty, it is purple, and it has butterflies on it !


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