Aug. 24th, 2016

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Thre's one thing that particularly amuses me in our neighborhood.
There are lots of plum trees here, semi-wild ones that plant themselves just everywhere, and give a ton of fruit (we have a big one, one year we stopped counting after 70 kilos). Every person who had one land in their garden will tell you no one can possibly eat all of it, even with jam, freezing, and way too many plum crumbles for one's digestion.
Yet every once in a while I encounter an old man (not always the same), plucking a handful plums from branches that reach over the street, who look like cheeky little boys caught in the act when they realise someone is watching.

Rather productive day - I traced the basic pattern + sleeve for my next commission, worked on the blog some and had a long sequining session on Ursula. I also crossed quite a few things from a very, very long to-do list of things-I-need-to-do-before-school-starts. Ugh, not looking forward to chauffeuring Heimlich from one medical appointment to another again. I will try to negotiate that he only gets two weekly sessions of various reeducations, not three.
The Gold waistcoat is till in progress, though. I'll do some work on it today, promise !


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