Aug. 8th, 2016

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I am finishing the flossing on the black coutil corset. It is in bright red and a light ochre that reads like golden yellow on the black ground. Now I am very happy I did not go for the red taffetas for the binding, that really would have been too Harry-Potter-y.
Now I know my fabric choice for the binding can hurt some sensibilities, but it's definitely more me (it's a little bit like this one).

Apart from adding the binding and doing most of the flossing on the corset, I also placed two large orders for new tools. It's funny how some years back I thought I was pretty settled in terms of sewing tools, and recently I realized I could still upgrade. A lot.
I discovered japanese high-carbon scissors. As much as I loved my Fiskars, they don't measure up now I have tested the Kai. That price tag is definitely justified. Then rulers, anew french curve, finer  stuff to mark my fabric, a bigger, firmer ham and needles ! I have the hardest time finidng needles I love and am confortable sewing with. I had two packs, inherited from my granny, but I'm down to just one now (they bend with use and usually break after a while, and I lost one or two). I love long, fine needles that DON"T EAT MY THREAD. The latter part has been problematic in all the needles I have bought recently.

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I finished the corset (except maybe for a hook and eye at the top CF - and the modesty panel which I don't feel motivated to make right now :p )
This is the best I could do with self timer today - I couldn't be bothered to dig ou the tripod and make a better photoshoot. I will try to make something with the Home geek, maybe tonight.

Now of course I want to make another one. Or two or three. Test out the patterning method, see how it works with historical shapes... I am very tempted to enter FR's 2017 competition. I love the idea of a ballet-inspired outfit with a pretty corset. I could use Lady Darkstone as a guinea pig for corset making AND make a photoshoot with her, since she has some ballet experience. Now of course I am tempted to make something dark and gothy,with black and deep fuschia. But the practical pro in me says a lighter shade would work better in my portfolio - maybe a peach/nude ?
Of course, it might just be a crazy idea and not doable with my schedule. But still... I want to make mor epretty corsets !

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As I mentioned previously, I brought back a bunch of old fashion plates from my trip, and I hav started scanning them Ifigured, since I posted this one on the blog, I might as well share it here as well :
Le Moniteur des Dames et des Demoiselles

I took it because it has a wedding dress, but the more I look at it, the more I'm in love with the blue dress. Me. Crinoline. Love. Stop the press ! I might be getting an itch to make myself an 1860s dress !

The black coutil corset has a (not yet attached) modesty panel and a matching storage pouch.
I dug out Perceneige and worked on assembling the skirt - I'm about halway done with it. So. Much. Width at the hem ! I need to check how it moves, see if it needs a horsehair braid, or even a small ruffle ont he lining to hold it out.

Yes I know I said I wanted to work on the bathing suit, but a) the chances I acutally get to take pictures of it this summer are slim anyway and b) Perceneige takes up more floor space until it is done. There goes my motivation !


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