Aug. 5th, 2016

Aug. 5th, 2016 11:52 am

Home !

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It was a loooong trip. It was good,. and now I'm feeling a bit weird, alone at home. The luggage is not completely unpacked, the house is a bit of a mess, and the weather is crazy. It's raining and so dark the house feels a bit like a cave. The garden has grown totally wild - we usually count on the summer scorching heat to keep it in check - not this year !

I have around 800 pictures (I think ?) to go through and edit.
New (to me) fashion plates to scan - there was a fleamarket we went to with [ profile] heileen, thinking we wouldn't find anything... we almost emptied the "fashion" section of the old plates. We left the ones that were too recent and the (bad) copies. The seller had some nerve, putting a "authentical document" stamp on the back... with a 1989 date for a crinoline dress. And he glued them to the cardboard, I know I will have a hard time taking them out. Let's hope the glue won't do too much damage to the old paper :/

Sewing will start by searching the house. At the end of the trip I realized I was too tired to finish the bathing costume, so I just put it in the HG's suitcase. He also had the corset I started at the corsetry course. Those are the two project I want to finish fast, while I'm still feeling a little like I'm on vacation.


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