May. 30th, 2016

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Time, where has it gone ? I have meant to post for day and... bam ! It's Monday already !

  • last Thursday I paid Leti a visit, we strted planning next year's show, and on the way out we drove to a small lingerie shop that was clsing and had some lace cuts to sell. We still have to divide the lot - there are some pretties in there, and I see some yummy trim on corsets in  near future.

  • on Saturday was the yearly big craft fair in town. I handed out loads of cards, and I have an appointment with a potential client tomorrow.

  • bad news is I noticed that one of the dresses I had in my booth during the runway show actually got stained from the water it soaked up, so I have to more dresses to clean.

  • speaking of which, I finally heard back from the dry cleaner I gave fabric samples to, and it doesn't look good for Cruella. I'll go check on the washed samples tomorrow, but they say the black bleeds on the white

  • Hence : Any tips on cleaning silk crepe  at home ?

Today was a never ending list of things to do and places to be. Many phone calls l, planning, making appointments... At least one of them is for a photoshoot on Friday (it WILL NOT rain on Friday, because I SAY SO !)(besides, one week of rain, snow on the mountains, and temperatures below 10°C are not welcome in May, period). I spent lots of time in waiting rooms while Heimlich had his various appointments, so I did some sequining (is that a word ?) on Ursula's corset. It is coming along pretty nicely.
Things I still need to do :

  • make a formal request via email for the photoshoot

  • plan for 2d and 3rd shoot I want to make before going on vacation

  • clean the workshop, because I have a client coming in tomorrow morning and the place is a total mess. At least I have most dresses cleaned, ironed and bagged up. Just Lady Tremaine's silk overgown and Cruella because I wanted those to be handled by a pro...

I actually finished a few things recently, both from a 1922 pattern that I adapted somewhat. Thing number one is up on the blog. Thing number two has yet to be properly photographed.


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