May. 21st, 2016

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.... but I did not stop very far from it. Today was busy and productive.

I woke up early by myself, had breakfast while working on some web stuff, and finished trimming the back of my top. After that I had a phone call with a client, then we went to the market for a tiny bit of cheese and poultry - since we have lots of veggies still in the fridge, today's trip was fairly minimal.
There were talks of going on a hike, but my period di'nt agree with that, so it ended up being yardwork. We got one half of the hedges rimmed down, and most of the subsquent mess cleared.
Then I had just enough time to take a shower, and say hi to friend who opened her shop in the town center. while I was at it, I grabbed flyers for next week's craft fair and an invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine.

I am rather content with myself tonight. And slightly amused because my Clue app really doesn't have the right type of exercise for me. No "hiking", no "yardwork", no "running back and forth between sewign machine and ironing table". I'll just have to randomly assign those between "yoga", "running" and "cycling", I guess.


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