May. 19th, 2016

May. 19th, 2016 10:31 pm

I sewed !

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I wrote a bit, too, finished putting some order through the 600+ pictures the Home geek took on Sunday (I am SO GLAD I forgot my SD card on Saturday. Seriously), pnanned a bit ahead on my blog posts,  dropped fabric samples at the dry cleaner's for them to check what they can do for poor Cruella, and picked up the high-res files from Mareva's pictures. Started planning a photoshoot or two, discussed a collaborative project...

And hemed the 1920's inspired top that was laying around in the workshop. Tomorrow I want to finish trimming it - because I thought it was a bit too simple and missed something. But I also have to make a bow tie or a necktie for Heimlich. I can't find our Gryffindor one and it's an adult tie anyway. We tried the HG's weddign tie on him and it looks ridiculous - so he needs a new ne for the school's show tomorrow evening. Not really "needs", but he seems to really, really want one, and I just don't have it in my heart to disappoint him.

So, plan of attack for tomorrow :
- make a bow tie, or a tie, or both and let him choose
- finish the 1920's inspired top
- finish a blog post and write the weekly newsletter
- make a rhubarb tart ?

Edited to add : - catch up on GoT before I get the whole episode spoiled to me. Ties and handsewing is good in front of the computer/TV anyway.


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