Mar. 16th, 2016

Mar. 16th, 2016 11:11 pm


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Sewing : Ursula is done enough to be shown and worn. I have just put the grommets and laces into the corset. I had toyed with adding a draped sheer black overlay at the center back, but now that the corset is done I think it would clash with the other lines.
I still want to make strings of black and purple beads and some swags of fabrics for the shoulders and upper arms, but the dress can be worn as is. So I'm going to worry about the other dresses first.

Ok, I just realized I have a modesty panel to make to make it completely wearable. That's not that much.

I am waiting for Cruella's fur to finish her coat, and my silver striped sheer silk came today for the Snow Queen. It is gorgeous. I'm not sure who will be next on the worktable, I'm very tempted to get Milady out of the way. PArtly because I have the patterns all worked out so this will be relatively fast (not counting bindign all those tabs), and partly because the fabric is absolutely gorgeous. Silk brocade is yummy !

Life : Heimlich had his first swimming lesson and it went really well. He just gets cold really easily so we decided to make the lessons a bit shorter. We stayed a bit longer in the shallower (and warmer) part of the complex after that. And toad had a blast. It's too bad she's too young for sewing lessons, she know how to propel herself quite efficiently in water already.


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