Mar. 10th, 2016

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Not actually that much happened today in the workroom.

I spent a good part of the morning just hemming Ursula's skirt. Nine meters of it. In a nice invisible (machine) stitch, with lots of ironing between each step.

I patterned the skirt flounces, and proceeded to make and place one. It took longer than you'd think. The fabric is a slippery bast**d and has its own direction in life. Now try to cut a spiral out of it with perfect edges.
It does look like what I had in mind when I designed the dress, and seems to move the same, though. This makes me happy.

I did just a tiny bit of work on the corset before I had to pick the kids up. More of that - and of the slippery voile - tomorrow.

In the non-sewing realm, I am trying to keep my weekly swimming commitment, and went up to 45 laps. I would love to go back to the 2km I used to swim in a single session when I was younger.

I managed to make my "roast" for this fortnight's HFF Challenge just today, except for the sauce and the pictures. It does smell really good. I had to stop the Home Geek from eating it today before it was fully cooked, that's a good sign.



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