Feb. 16th, 2016

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I spent the morning reorganizing pictures in my FlickR/portfolio as a first step to doign more work on the website, working on the newletter, that kind of stuff, so there was only half a day's worth of sewing. And I did a lot of unpicking and sewing back in place.

First the lower front wasn't symetrical, so I carefully moved a few boning channels. Then some of said channels were too narrow for the spirals, so I unpicked and replaced them. I also had to add an internal boning channel over the bust, because the second panel was too wide there to be left completely unsupported. The busk is in, with the center front and center back plackets pinned in place and ready to be sewn down by hand inside.

Plan for tomorrow (beside preparing Toad's bag and sending her off to her grandparents for 10 days) is to bind and floss the corset and add grommets, and then, I think it will be done and I will be able to move on to something else.

I have ordered fake fur samples for the cape, and should get them within 10 days.


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