Feb. 2nd, 2016

Feb. 2nd, 2016 08:50 pm

Press day !

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Today was printmakign workshop day. and I was able to go and the teacher wasn't sick - it was, after all, the first time this occurred this year.  I was a bit slow - that's whatyoug et for working on yoru blog until 3AM - but it still was a good day. I love this little "free" time I get there with other creative minds. And I love the ego boost when a print turns out ok. My results have been getting more consistent since 2015, and it feels like I can start to really express something. And I love the theme for the workshop this year : "Dress the body". I brought one of my books today - the Harper's Bazaar plates one -, and was able to geek out a little about fashion and fashion plates. And notice a few plates that have originally appeared in La Mode Illustrée - a few more.

I have started on the tulle ruffle for Ursula's petticoat. Hoping to be done within the next few days, but I foresee it being a tiny bit annoying. The tulle likes to shift around and glide on my table.
I have done some tweaks on the Snow queen's bodice. No try-on, though. A client came to pick up the corset I had altered for her and there wasn't enough time after that to put myself in corset, out again, and eat lunch before heading out to the printmakign workshop.
I have Cruella's mantle begging to be mocked-up in my head, I might give it a try before going to bed.

I have also slightly rearranger the living-room/workshop space so that the fabric rolls are in a mroe discreete place, and as a result I now have a better lighting near the ironing table. Win-win ! It makes working at nighttime much more pleasant.


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