Jan. 26th, 2016

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We finally have a bit of snow around here, so we took the kids skiing.sledding on Sunday. The snow is mostly artificial, an dmelting a lot, but the kids enjoyed themselves and they're making tons of progress. I was just stupid enough to hurt my back with the sled and now I have a big bruise preventing me from wearing a corset. Bummer.

Yesterday we had a custom shooes workshop with my colleague L., who's doing the fashion show with me, and D. I think I had D a little scared when I started prying the sole of of the shoe - I had to explain her I had done this before, and I mostly knew what I was doing. :) The shoe doesn't want to come off, btw, and I just got one heel covered. There was also a lot of running around between doctors for me and Heimlich, I was exhausted by the time we reached home for dinner.

Then today the secodn big batch of fabrics came, yay ! I still need to unpack it, but the workshop/living-room is a bit of the disaster zone with all the packages and materials coming in and no time to clear things up since last Friday. I will have to make some room to work today, though. Not really looking forward to the place where I need to find a place for the synthetic horsehair without crushing it...

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I've looked at the american Duchess sale, and I'm this close to buying Savoys... Except for the 50$ shipping fee. That makes them really, really expensive shoes, even on sale, especially for shoe sI will only wear in costume, so maybe once a year. *sad panda* Why do shipping rates from the US have to be so damn high ? :'(


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