Jan. 21st, 2016

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Today the postman brought me Dressign a galaxy, a whole month earlier than what Amazon first told me.

And then DHL came and brought my my Puresilks order. Faster than any local supplier ! The silks are yumy, there just was a bit os a mishap with the two I picked for the Snow Queen. They are very pretty, but mostly golden. And I need silver. One has silver threads, but the ivory threads are so dark the fabric reads more as a very pale gold. I might be able to use is for texture on the bodice. the other was described as a "metallic" stripe and looked silver on my screen... and the stripes are bright gold ! It will make a beautiful chemise for Milady, though... but I still need my silver fabrics ! I'm going to shoot them an email and ask them for advice directly.

Hiking pants for E are done, altertations on M's pants are underway.

I also bought the beadign supplies I neede for Ursula - black seed beads, thread, and a clasp. I had a try-on with the model, and I'm rather proud of the fit of the corset.


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