Jan. 2nd, 2016

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I wish you all a very happy and fulfilling year to come !

As I said to the Home Geek over dinner, it had been at least a year since I last started off the year being sick. *insert annoyed sarcasm* A flu-type something is doing the rounds in the house. I really hope we didn't contaminate our guests.
We had a really lovely celebration with the Darkstones and [livejournal.com profile] heileen, way too much food (note for next year : order half the meat !), we played some board games, we talked, we went to see Starwars for the third time. It was very very good to have lovely people around, even with a sometimes cranky hubby, a sick kid and fever creeping up on me at the end of it.

I failed to finish [livejournal.com profile] heileen's Lady Tremaine corset but mocked-up the base for her horsehair petticoat, and the today I moved on to the petticoat for Ursula. Apparently petticoats are a fever-compatible activity for me, corsets are not.

Looking back at 2015, I was fairly sure I hadn't been very productive, but...

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Not pictured :
- retro blue silk taffetas mother-of-the-bride dress
- veil for "Kiki" wedding dress and various hair accessories
- hiking outfits (still waiting on some notions to finish the last pants and do some alterations on a coat and another pair of pants)
- redo of the black 1890s skirt with added velvet panels - that took me longer than actually making the skirt in the first round.

It doesn't look too bad in the end. On top of the sewing I also did a lot of blog writing, completely redid my website and online communication, attended my first wedding fair as a vendor, found photographers, MUAH and models and organized photoshoots.
Plans for 2016 are all lined up; first comes the runway show - I am mostly at the mock-up stage. I want to order the fabrics in th enext few weeks. I have a few dresses I want to do for the portfolio, too - more classical and easy looks. And of course there will be photoshoots. The shoot for the "Florence" dress should have been done by now, but it has been cursed so far. We're waiting on the photographer's pneumonia to be cured :/I don't plan on even trying to follow the HSF this year, after failing two years in a row and having so much on my plate in the early months of 2016. Maybe some personal historical projects will get done, then I will post about them. IF I do get time to make them.
What I would love to make (but will probably not find time for) :
- 1895 checked silk taffetas blouse (to go with the black skirt
- matching hat, of course
- 1890s bathing outfits for the kids and me, for a possible fun outing in June
- 1890s hiking outfit for next summer
- new late 18th century outfits for the kids for Vizille
- I'm not sure I want to make myself a new outfit to match, because I have a lots of 1780's things already. I'm considering reworking my striped taffetas anglaise/redingote/ Or I could just make the blue indienne anglaise I've had the fabric for for years. Nothing will happen before June, anyway, and the kids will get priority because I can always rewear something old.

Right now I am thinking about going back to the workshop and working on the corset but I will probably be reasonable and go to bed instead. Wishing you all a good night !


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